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Different Types of Office Partitions

Different Types of Office Partitions – Our Guide

One type of partitioning does not fit all offices. Businesses have different needs, which requires different types of office partitions in order to solve those needs. This can be if you need to create new rooms for meetings, or simply improve the aesthetics of your office space.

The perfect partition for one office could a nightmare for another, so we wanted to help you make the right choice when choosing from the different types of office partitions and get exactly what you need.

Below is our guide to the different types of office partitions:

Glass Partitions

Glass lets lots of natural light in, meaning you don’t need artificial light in order to brighten up the space. This is good for staff morale and makes your space seem bigger than it really is. These are a great option for modern office spaces.

Our glass partitions come either framed or unframed to provide privacy for staff members, without making them feel left out. They are quick to install, offer up to 60 decibels noise reduction and can be customised to include frosting and company branding.

office room partition

Steel Partitions

The ideal solution for industrial buildings, when you need to protect your staff and valuable equipment. Steel partitions are especially strong and durable, whilst allowing you to demount and relocate them whenever is necessary.

If you are looking for this kind of solution, always make sure that the partition is fire rated. Luckily, our steel partitions have a fire rating of up to one hour.

A steel office partition located on a mezzanine

Stud Partitions

There are two main types of stud partitions:

The first is System 75, which is favoured as a temporary office solution. The main benefits of these systems are that they don’t weigh much and are often demountable, meaning you can remove it when you no longer need it.

The other type is System 100, which is more than twice the thickness of System 75. This allows for improved noise reduction and insulation, meaning staff can be kept warm.

A stud partition used to create an office creche

Final Thoughts

Different types of office partitions fulfil different needs. It’s just a matter of what your business wants. But it doesn’t end with just the partition itself, as we offer a range of partition accessories as well, to make it fit in with your brand.

If you would like to know more about the different types of office partitions we can provide for you, please do fill out the contact form below, or call us on 01444 220 525 for a chat.

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