Fit Out Refurbishment Sussex

  • Fit Out Refurbishment Sussex
  • Fit Out Refurbishment Sussex

Fit Out Refurbishment Sussex: Sussex & Surrey Partitioning Ltd, provide a complete fit-out and refurbishment service.

Fit Out Refurbishment Sussex: With many years’ experience, we know how to run a successful fit out and refurbishment project with communication at it’s heart.

Fit Out Refurbishment Sussex may have been what you were searching for online and if it was your search is over!  With our teams of experienced and qualified contractors and our creative problem-solving skills, with a clear focus on communication throughout the project management we aim to deliver a lasting and positive impression.

If you are looking to improve your working environment, reception areas, make additional office space, interview rooms a full refurbishment to your building please contact us.

We are a specialist company offering a complete design and installation package to covering mezzanine floors, partitioning, toilet and kitchen refurbishments, movable walls, suspended ceilings, lighting, power, door entry systems and CCTV.

If you would like to see some examples of our work you will find lots of projects showcased in the recent projects section of our website. We also have case studies of projects and plenty of testimonials from happy customers, including video testimonials which we have tried to include on many of our website pages. We are constantly humbled by the fantastic feedback from our customers and we think they say it better than we could! On each page you will find ways to contact us via email or phone and our team is ready to help you in any way we can.

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