Jan 11

From Glass Office Partitions to Living Walls: The Top Office Trends of 2021

It’s a new year, and for many, a fresh start. Despite the continued pandemic there seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel now, with the gradual roll-out of the vaccine, so we are looking forward to 2021. However, what does 2021 have instore for the work environment?

Well, if all goes to plan, 2021 could bring the opportunity for many to return to work, but is that something you’re prepared for? Are you happy with the layout of your office? Does it function as it should? If not, and you’re considering a new and improved office to kick off your 2021, keep reading! Our fantastic team have compiled a list of the top office trends that you can expect to see in 2021, and some of them we could even help you achieve.

The Workspace as a Marketing Tool

Over the last few years, it has been becoming more and more common for the office environment to be used as a marketing tool in itself. A fully furnished and dynamic office not only looks professional, but it can also help strengthen your brand and impress any potential clients and attract the best employees. This could be particularly beneficial considering that the office environment can contribute to employee satisfaction and loyalty just as much as salaries these days.

So, how can you achieve this?

One of the biggest trends set to take off in 2021 is the hybrid workplace, in which the office is a combination of workspaces and living spaces. Leisure areas are suggestive of a modern and progressive brand that value their staff, and this could even be beneficial to your business. Opportunities for employees to step away from their work and take a proper break can improve creativity, reduce stress levels, and thus lead to more efficient communication.

Partitioning could offer the perfect way to implement this, creating a specific ‘time-out’ zone for your workforce to reflect and recharge. To make an enquiry about our glass partitions walls or an alternative system, call 01444 22 05 25.

However, we understand that investing in new furniture or an office redesign is a commitment that not everyone will be able to make, but there are several simple things you can do to achieve a more professional and impressive aesthetic. For example, reduce the amount of clutter on show and hide any cables. This will immediately improve the visual appearance of your office.

Glass Office Partitions


In line with the above, flexibility is a big trend set to emerge in 2021.

The current pandemic has shown both employers and employees the many different means through which they can operate, and some will prefer one method, others will prefer another. Therefore, creating a flexible workspace in which everyone can work in their preferred style can only be beneficial.

For example, you may want to consider standing seated desks which will allow for people to work upright or seated, therefore promoting movement and improving blood circulation.

Having both open-plan areas and segregated rooms may be something you would like to consider as well. The office layout should be such that it allows for a synergetic environment, from which new ideas and projects arise. This is less achievable within a fixed office layout in which employees only discuss topics with their direct neighbours. However, independent workrooms may be necessary for private meetings and confidential activities, so a balance of both is the ideal scenario.

Environmental Awareness

There is a growing desire amongst employers and employees alike to bring the outside in. Whilst the occasional indoor plant has been a common occurrence for many years now, some businesses are taking it one step further with features such as living walls, plant partitions and even furnishings that incorporate live fish and water tanks.

Similarly, but more achievable, sustainability has become a huge priority, with many businesses opting to reuse and recycle furniture rather than discard it. When they are buying new furniture, it will often be sustainably sourced.

For more information, or if you would like to discuss how we can help you achieve the office of your dreams, contact us today about our glazed partitioning and fit-out services, or alternative partitioning solutions. Call 01444 22 05 25.