Feb 18
Commercial Partitioning

Glass Partition Installation: Do and Do Not

Here at Sussex & Surrey Partitioning, glazed partitioning is one of our most popular products. However, perhaps due to the many varieties of glass partitioning available, and the options in thickness, soundproofing and accessories, we often receive questions from clients who don’t know where to start!

To help, our wonderful team have compiled a list of the do’s and don’ts of glass partition installation, to help resolve any confusion and avoid any disastrous mistakes.


Acquire the Necessary Permissions

Permission is essential if you’re looking to install our partitioning or mezzanine flooring systems, and yet we find it is often overlooked by clients. Whilst glass partitioning installation does not require full planning permission, it’s likely you will need to obtain building regulations approval, so we advise you to check beforehand during the research and planning stage. If you don’t own your building, you will also need to get permission for your landlord. However, most landlords will agree to this sort of development, as it adds value to their property. If not, you can always opt for a demountable system such as our stud walls (LINK)

Consider the Health and Safety of your Team

Dependent on the extent of the project, the installation process may cause some disruption to your workforce. Whilst we always strive to be as discreet as possible, sometimes this is unavoidable, in which case it may be preferable to have your team operate from elsewhere until the project is complete. Depending on your business activities and resources, that could be from home, from a different office, or from a separate room within the same office. In doing so, you can ensure the health and safety of your workforce, whilst helping the project to run smoothly and more efficiently. Rest assured, we will always keep this time to a minimum.

Be Specific and Consider All Options

When discussing your design with your chosen manufacturer/installer, be sure to detail all of your requirements and be as thorough as possible. Remember to consider both the visual and practical aspects of the design, and how the partitioning system will assist your day-to-day activities. Similarly, you should explore all options. Would you like your glass partition installation to be frameless or framed? Should it feature noise reduction capabilities? How thick and durable does it need to be? Does it need to be fire-rated? If you’re not sure yourself, we are happy to discuss this with you. Call 01444 22 05 25.


Settle for an Unsatisfactory Design

If you are unhappy with the design you are presented with in any way, shape or form, be sure to address it. Your design needs to meet all your requirements and benefit your business, so if you settle for a design you are unsure of, you will feel the same about the final result. To avoid wasting your money and walking into an impractical office every day, ensure you cover all grounds.

Go for the Cheapest Design

Whilst cost and budget is a huge factor in any design project, there is a significant difference between the cheapest and the best value. If you’re confident in their service then, by all means, the cheapest may be the best option. However, always be aware of any warranty or guarantees, and their post-transaction customer service. At Sussex & Surrey Partitioning, we are not the cheapest or the most expensive … we are the best value. Our excellent customer service has resulted in a favourable reputation in the local area, having helped clients like Haley.

“SSP are a great company to work with. They always kept in touch with me to see if I was ready for the next stage of the build. Unfortunately, I experienced major delays due to the landlord, but SSP were always professional and never rushed me along for an update. The fitters were very tidy whilst on the job and also very polite. I would definitely recommend them!”

To experience our customer service for yourself, or to make an inquiry about our glass office partitions, or even just to ask a question, call today on 01444 22 05 25.