Dec 17

What’s in Store for 2022

The new year is right around the corner, and we’re looking forward to what 2022 has to offer. Of course, 2021 had some challenges that will continue into the new year, but we want to reassure you that the project you have in mind will be delivered to our usual... read more →
Dec 10
Glass Partitioned Workspaces in Freedom Works Worthing

A Look Back at 2021

2022 is nearly here! The past year has been ‘unique’ for us all, from how business is operated to how our home lives are run with the omnipresent Covid. As we approach the new year, we want to take a moment to look at the positives there have been, reflect... read more →
Nov 19
Loading bar from 2021 to 2022

Book Now For 2022

We are delighted to say that 2021 kept us busy with a record-breaking year. So much so, that we are fully booked until the end of the year! We couldn’t have done it without our amazing clients and we loved every project we completed. 2022 is fast approaching, so we... read more →
Oct 25
Clients warehouse complete with mezzanine

Top Reasons to Install a Mezzanine Floor

There are many benefits to building a mezzanine floor in your unit or warehouse. In this article, we will discuss some of the top reasons why they may be advantageous for you and your company. What Is a Mezzanine Floor? A mezzanine is an intermediate floor between the floor and the... read more →
Sep 24
Aug 16

Planning Your Refurbishment Project

Before you embark on a refurbishment project there are a variety of things to consider. Foremostly we recommend taking extra preparation in the planning stage. Whether you are looking to give your space a lick of paint, style it out with some new furniture, or completely redesign your space. It’s... read more →
Jun 09
Feb 18
Commercial Partitioning

Glass Partition Installation: Do and Do Not

Here at Sussex & Surrey Partitioning, glazed partitioning is one of our most popular products. However, perhaps due to the many varieties of glass partitioning available, and the options in thickness, soundproofing and accessories, we often receive questions from clients who don’t know where to start! To help, our... read more →
Jan 11
Jul 10

The Essential Guide to Glazed Partitioning

Are you looking for a brighter, more productive workplace? As one of our most popular office design offerings, we regularly receive enquiries and questions about our glazed partitioning systems from business owners looking to redesign and utilise their working environment. To save... read more →