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Office Refurbishment: 5 Reasons Why You Need to Modernise Your Office In 2018

Office Refurbishment Sussex

Every new year, we always see those ‘New Year, New Me’ posts on Facebook. For 2018, have you considered ‘New Year, New Office’? Your office space has a profound effect on productivity within yourself as well as your staff, so maybe it’s time for an office refurbishment? Below, we’ve listed 5 reasons why you should modernise your office in 2018 and bring it into the present.

Office Refurbishment

1. Improved Health and Morale Amongst Staff

Do you work in an open plan office? Not so long ago, this became the new fashion. An attempt to increase communication and creativity amongst staff while also saving money. Turns out, we’re now paying the price for it! According to the BBC, staff are “twice as likely to get sick” in an open office. On top of that, it’s been revealed that office staff are generally happier in their own offices due to the lower chance of illness and fewer distractions.

By adding partitions for your office refurbishment, employees can get away from both distractions and illness-causing germs, thus improving their health and morale. You can read more by clicking here.

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Office RefurbishmentAn open office is 15% less productive than having individual offices.

2. Increased Efficiency

Are your office walls white? According to a study in America, dull white office walls can create negative emotions and depression amongst staff, particularly women. Besides, white and beige walls are so last century. When you do your office refurbishment, spice up the space and transform it from a mood-killer to a thriving hub of efficiency. Each colour has its own set of characteristics that can improve a member of staff in particular areas, so make sure to do your research beforehand. Here’s what we found via Enterepreneur:


In mindfulness classes and relaxation books, the big blue ocean is frequently referenced to produce a calming effect. So, it’s no surprise that colouring your office walls blue will have a calming effect. You can use this colour to help staff focus on tasks.

Office RefurbishmentA blue office produces calm, focused staff
Office RefurbishmentA green office helps staff who work long hours


Another calming colour to improve efficiency. Green represents nature and a ‘fresh’ feeling. That’s why organic food products often use green in their packaging. In the office, green has been found to reduce eye fatigue, which is helpful if you work long hours.


The colour of excitement! Yellow is a fantastic colour for sparking creativity, which is very useful if your business is a design agency or art studio. However, this colour can appear particularly harsh to some people, so please take care when choosing a shade.

Office refurbishmentA yellow office promotes creativity
Office refurbishmentA red office increases blood flow, which is helpful if you do physical work


The colour of love, emotion and Valentine’s Day. With that in mind, you can utilise red if your staff do a lot of physical work as it increases blood flow, therefore improving physical ability. Perhaps your staff could lift an extra box if you painted the walls red?

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3. Fewer Noise Distractions

Did you know that noise distractions can cost an employee around 20 minutes of their day, each time they are distracted? That means 3 distractions per day would add up to 1 hour each day. That would add up to up to 50 days per year lost due to distractions. As discussed earlier, separate offices can help to improve efficiency due to having fewer distractions, but sometimes a low-walled cubicle or thin partition isn’t enough.
If you want to get those 50 days per year (per employee, we’d like to add) back, get some soundproofing to ensure your staff aren’t being distracted. It doesn’t have to block out all noise, but reducing it a little will have a big effect on efficiency.

You can get in contact with us to discuss our sound-proofing services further by clicking here.

Office refurbishmentEver felt like you can't work because the office is so noisy?

4. Improve Air Quality

Did you know that poor air quality can actually decrease information utilisation? Not only that, it can lead to fatigue, headaches and more. By having a poor quality of air, you’re effectively cancelling out the positive health benefits of individual offices. Sometimes it can be tough to improve their air quality in a building if the windows are sealed, but by bringing plants into the room, especially spider plants and philodendrons, the air quality can be improved in a natural way. They also look nice.

Our recommendation: The Japanese Peace Lily (as featured in the film ‘Hot Fuzz’)

Office refurbishmentNot only do plants brighten up an office, they also improve the health of your staff

5. Seal The Deal By Impressing Your Prospects and Existing Clients

Are you regularly visited by clients and prospects for meetings? You dress in such a way to make your appearance reflect your brand. You tailor your product or service in such a way to make it reflect your brand. Do you do the same with your office?

We’ve all heard the saying that you only get 1 chance to make a good 1st impression. In business, it is absolutely paramount that you make sure you make a good 1st impression. If you take your prospect to a noisy coffee shop or under-decorated, cold, dimly-lit meeting room, you’re probably not making a good 1st impression. Why not use a glass partition to create an attractive space with a modern look to show your prospect how professional you are?

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Office refurbishmentWhat would be more impressive to your prospect: This or a noisy coffee shop?

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Improve staff efficiency, impress your prospects and feel happier by incorporating the tips above into your office space.

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