Hazelwick School – Partitioning and Mezzanine Flooring

Haywards Heath Mezzanine Flooring
Haywards Heath Mezzanine Flooring

Mezzanine Flooring and Partitioning for Schools

Haywards Heath mezzanine flooring and partitioning for schools – the perfect way to add that extra space to your establishment without the horrendous costs of new build expansion! Read on to see why so many schools are using mezzanine flooring/partitioning in their schools.

What benefits can mezzanine flooring and partitioning offer your school?

Here are just a few major benefits mezzanine floors and partitioning offer:

  • Expansion of space!
  • Stylish, modern look.
  • Ofsted inspectors also look at your school building. Adding more space and facilities will help show your interest in the educational growth of your students.
  • Add new sleek office spaces for your staff.
  • Sound-proofed rooms (perfect for music lessons).
  • More cost effective than a new build.
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What do we offer:

Interested in using mezzanine flooring and or partitioning for your school? We offer a high-quality service, but before we lure you in we want to let you know… our service is affordable and tailored to your time frame! Now that bits sorted we can get onto the exciting service we can offer you!

As you can already see from this post, we offer mezzanine flooring and partitioning but there’s something else we can offer you that sets us apart from others!

Our complete fit out service, “what does that mean?” you may be asking. We have broken it down into simple bullets to make it easier for you! 

  • A full design and building regulation service plus install.
  • Fully qualified electricians and plumbers.
  • Decoration alongside a range of flooring covers to give your new addition a stylish modern look!
  • Air conditioning – perfect for the warmer months, providing a comfortable working environment for your staff and students.

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“Their input and attention to detail was excellent throughout and the finished areas have really enhanced our curriculum delivery as we had hoped”
Hazelwick School
Haywards Heath Mezzanine Flooring