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Office Refurbishment Maidstone

Office Refurbishment Maidstone | Hidden Hearing

Sussex & Surrey Partitioning have recently undertaken an office refurbishment project in Maidstone for Hidden Hearing, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of no-obligation hearing tests and high-quality hearing aid technology. As part of ongoing works, they requested that we improve the working environment in their “tired” and “old-fashioned” offices.

Working with Aerofoil Design (who were in charge of replacing the office furnishings), we have renovated the 3rd and 4th floor in the building, which, so far, has included:

  • replacing ceiling tiles
  • renovating toilets
  • replacing lighting
  • changing the carpet
  • replacing blinds
  • transforming the kitchen area

The brief for the project was complex, as to avoid a costly shutdown we were asked to complete our works around the working hours of Hidden Hearing staff. To achieve this, we worked in a consultative capacity with the company to put a program together whereby our works would not interfere with the day-to-day running of the company.

This meant, for example, that when installing the new suspended acoustic ceiling tiles we did so when we knew that staff would be working off-site or on break, ensuring that minimal disruption was caused.

The male and female toilets on each floor have been completely refurbished, including the installation of sleek new vanity units and full height cubicle doors that ensure staff privacy. We have also installed brand new urinals in the men’s toilets, making the facilities a lot more modern and up-to-date.

The carpet and office furniture have also been entirely replaced, giving the office a much more modern and clean look compared to the tired décor that was present before we started, which has been complemented by the replacement blinds that allow for more natural light within the office. Furthermore, we have also been responsible for the redecoration of the walls and skirting, to bring them into line with the new aesthetic created by the refurbishment.

To further improve working conditions for staff, their old kitchen was transformed into a café and new, energy-efficient LED lighting was installed that is a lot less harmful on the eyes than traditional fluorescent tubing.

The company has been so impressed with Sussex & Surrey Partitioning that we are continuing to be part of their plans for the future – the next stage of the project requires us to redevelop their meeting room and, beyond that, we will be working with them on other areas of the building.

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  • Office Refurbishment Maidstone
  • Office Refurbishment Maidstone
  • Office Refurbishment Maidstone
  • Office Refurbishment Maidstone
  • Office Refurbishment Maidstone
  • Office Refurbishment Maidstone
  • Office Refurbishment Maidstone
  • Office Refurbishment Maidstone

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