Jigsaw Occupational Therapy – Industrial Unit Refurbishment

Sussex and Surrey Partitioning Case Study

The Client

Our client is a specialist provider of occupational therapy for children and young people living in the South East of England. Their new sensory integration therapy centre is the first and only one of its kind in Sussex.

“I would definitely recommend Sussex & Surrey Partitioning for anyone who needs help with partitioning. We were not experienced in this process and they really held our hand when going through everything we needed to think about. The finished product is exactly what we wanted and all of our clients absolutely love the new space. “
Dominic Simpson, DirectorJigsaw Occupational Therapy

The Project

After visiting Dominic at the Jigsaw headquarters, we felt confident we could transform their new industrial unit into the comfortable space it needed to be. The unit was four times the size of their current centre with mostly open space. What Jigsaw needed was a variety of bespoke rooms each with their own unique uses. We built fit for purpose rooms using full-height, stud partitioning with acoustic capabilities. Using colour, insulation and furnishings, we were able to create a peaceful environment which is integral to the company’s therapy. Despite a two week delay with the office lease, we managed to complete all of the works within budget and to a high standard. We hope the children and visitors of Jigsaw Therapy Centre go on to enjoy their new space for many years to come. 

Below is a video testimonial from Dominic Simpson, the director of Jigsaw Occupational Therapy.

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