Parker Building Supplies – Mezzanine Flooring Construction
mezzanine floor construction

Parker Building Supplies – Mezzanine Floor Construction

We were contacted by Parker Building Supplies and asked to visit their site to look into a proposed mezzanine floor construction for a new division of their company, Parker Web Sales. This is a department within the company that specialises in web sales of their building products and tools.

We attended a site meeting at their recently purchased building next door to their impressive head office. The brief was to install a mezzanine floor with multiple uses, the back section was to be a storage area while the front of the mezzanine floor would be designed for a sales office.

We designed an L-shaped mezzanine floor, the back section being 10.5m wide by 9.3m deep with a 1-tonne loading, while the front section of the mezzanine floor 8.5 m x 5.3 would be used as an open-plan office to accommodate the ever-growing sales team.

The mezzanine floor was designed with access to both the rear storage area as well as the first-floor office area being via a single staircase housed within a fire-rated enclosure, thus saving space in the storage area and maximising floor area, this staircase was a steel construction with stainless steel handrails fitted to both sides.

Within the first-floor office, we installed a suspended ceiling complete with LED lighting and two air-conditioning units which provided a fully controllable climate giving a modern and comfortable working environment for all the staff.

In one corner a modern tea station was installed, within the open-plan office four large half-hour fire rated windows were fitted looking out over the storage and warehouse area.

The underside of the mezzanine floor construction was fire-rated to 1-hour to comply with building regulations.

The lighting storage area, the warehouse and the underside of the mezzanine floor was achieved using LED lights offering increased lighting levels and reduced running costs and maintenance.

Shelving was installed onto the mezzanine to the client’s requirements, a mixture of shelving and pallet racking was installed to ground floor warehouse area giving them flexibility on the size of products able to be stored.

The complete installation of the mezzanine floor construction, partitioning, air conditioning, racking and electrical work was completed within the agreed six-week project time frame.

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