Polar Audio – Mezzanine Floor, Pallet Racking & Shelving

Client: Polar Audio

First Floor Office

We have worked with Polar Audio many times over the last few years, firstly installing a mezzanine floor to their old units (this had to be designed with the least amount of columns in open areas so that the forklift could work unimpeded) this was carried out and completed 2014.

The latest projects we have carried out for John and his team was when they moved to a new premises in Burgess Hill and looked to maximise the height of the building.

We designed over a period of months a layout that works for them and their new forklift to maximise the space and heights of the new building giving them maximum pallet positions in doing so reducing the need for additional outsourced storage space.

The installation was carried out in phases to use existing pallet racking from the short-term warehouse space.

The shelving we installed was in various depths to suit the vast range of products they held in stock. The majority of this work was carried out over a two-week installation with the moving of the existing pallet racking carried out over weekends. Over the four procceding months as stock was able to be repositioned.

Within the new building we also altered the existing partitioning to suit the new layout on the ground and first floor this work was carried out with little disruption to the client.

What we have created for the clients over the last four months is a well laid out warehouse which maximises pallet position and minimises wasted space.

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