PVL UK – Mezzanine Floor Installation

Client: PVL UK Ltd

Fireproofing, LED Lighting, Knock Through and Installation Fire Door, Building Regulations

We started looking at this project with Nick Broom and his team in the February 2015.

The main overview of the project was to increase their production area by installing a mezzanine floor without installing too many columns to avoid affecting the existing production area below.

Careful consideration was used at all times in the positioning of the columns to the mezzanine floor. Detailed drawings and consultation was made the positioning of columns including the future servicing of any machines, ensuring that the columns not impede any future service work.

The work also had to be done in a way that would not interfere with production for the client. The installation was carried out in January 2016 with only the loss of one day’s production. The mezzanine floor main steelwork was erected over a Friday for the weekend ( not including the decking ). Monday and Tuesday evening the installation of the cable management for the new LED lighting was installed to the underside of the mezzanine floor. Wednesday and Thursday evening the installation of the suspended ceiling and fire rated column cases were installed this was to create a one hour fire rating to the underside of the mezzanine floor. Friday evening the LED light fittings were installed and the remaining ceiling tiles were fitted where possible. Saturday and Sunday the mezzanine floor decking was completed including three staircases, handrail ( including moving the clients compressor into its new location)

The following week installation of lighting to the first floor was carried out including the final suspended ceiling work which did not heed production. Following Saturday a not through an lintel was installed to create a link between the mezzanine floor and the existing staircase providing additional escape routes.

Following the creation of the hole through the brickwork a half hour fire rated door frame was installed to comply with building regulations.

This project was worked on over four weeks with the majority of this work completed out of hours and run to schedule and budget.

In the short time we are on site we increased the clients production area buy double to give them the opportunity to expand their production team and production with a relatively small costs compared to moving to new premises.

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