Skytrail – Office Partitioning and Refurbishment

Skytrail – Office Partitioning and Refurbishment

Skytrail Needed a Reception Area and Office Kitchen – Here’s How We Helped

About Skytrail

Founded in 2014 by Neil Conley and Colin Williams, Skytrail are a chartered flight brokerage based in Redhill. They offer a bespoke chartered flight service worldwide with all types of aircraft. One of their most recognisable clients includes easyJet.

Their Needs

After being in the office space for five years, Director Neil Conley finally decided he wanted to maximise the space available in the company offices. He also wanted to make the area more attractive for visitors, as well as more comfortable for staff.

To start, his team had no real kitchen to speak of. Rather, it was a space in the hallway for a sink and one person. Neil wanted to develop an area that could be used as a proper kitchen, with all the necessary amenities.

Something that Neil noticed over the past five years was the confusion amongst visitors whenever they came to the office. The main meeting room was right next to the entrance, and there was no reception area. This meant visitors would think they were lost as soon as they entered the office and be confused about where to go.

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The Project

After finding out about us through a Google search, Neil made contact and spoke with Darrel. The first task was for Darrel to take a look at the space and discuss what Neil hoped to accomplish with us.

Darrel took note of what Neil had to say and soon the pair were discussing ideas on how they could make use of the available space. The reception area proved to be very easy, as the meeting room next to the entrance was already a large space.

Using our expert knowledge, Darrel presented several suggestions to Neil, in order to avoid restricting him on choice. At the end of the day, Darrel simply wanted Neil to get exactly what he wanted and be happy with the work we did.

In the end, a glass partitions solution was chosen to split the meeting room up in order to create a reception area. Neil was surprised to find out that we could offer effective sound-proofing with this option – He hadn’t realised this could be done.

The Outcome

The surprises continued for Neil, as he was pleased to know that our lead time was just four weeks! As it almost always is for our jobs, disruptions were minimal and Darrel regularly kept Neil updated with progress.

Whilst Neil and the staff were pleased with their new kitchen space, the real shock came to visitors who came back to find a beautiful new reception area. They all loved the new look and were impressed by the work done.

It was a pleasure to help Neil and Skytrail with their office space. We take great pride in the work we do, so it means a lot to us when we see a client reaping great benefits from what we’ve done. We’re glad they are happy with the new reception area and are regularly using the improved kitchen space.

  • Date 12th November 2019
  • Tags Fit Out & Refurbishment, Partitioning