Stud Partitions

Create the perfect office layout with stud partitioning.

We design, supply and install the following highly recommended stud partition systems:

System 75

Lightweight and demountable, this system is the perfect temporary office solution. Fitted using channels on the bottom and top, this stud partition wall has a framed look. The frames can be customised by colour or material.

System 100

More than twice the thickness of the other, this system offers improved acoustic benefits. The larger cavity within the stud wall can be used to incorporate insulation material.

Additional Features

Partitioning like any structural change needs to be safe, effective and installed with the future in mind. Let’s discuss your needs and explain how the following features may benefit your business:


We can install fibreglass or Rockwool to help reduce sound transfer. Benefit from up to 30db – 50db sound reduction.


Built to comply with DDA, you can expect 44mm thick solid core timber veneered doorways. Plus you can customise the locks, latches, panels and hinges. 

Fire Rating

Our stud walls offer between 30 – 60 minutes of integrity and insulation. Talk to us about how we can best design your workplace for an emergency. 


Add a dash of personality to your stud walls with colour. We can paint, print and personalise using vinyl wall coverings, unique trims or powder coating.

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