Jul 10

The Essential Guide to Glazed Partitioning

Are you looking for a brighter, more productive workplace?

As one of our most popular office design offerings, we regularly receive enquiries and questions about our glazed partitioning systems from business owners looking to redesign and utilise their working environment.

To save you any confusion, this article focuses on our glass partitions, covering everything you need to know about them, including the benefits compared to other systems and our frequently asked questions.

A modern-looking glass partition, showing the benefits of office partitioning

“What are Glass Partitions?”

 Interior glass partitions are a great solution to updating your office space. They allow natural light to flow through your workplace, whilst creating private, individual areas suitable for confidential meetings and independent working, without feeling cut off from the rest of the workforce.

At Sussex & Surrey Partitioning, we offer both framed and frameless systems. Our framed glass partitions are made of a thinner glass and are installed through channels at the top and bottom, giving the partitions a framed appearance. Alternatively, our frameless systems measure over double the thickness and requires no frame, providing a seamless look. Both provide acoustic benefits and can be customised with personal branding or manifestations.

“Why Would I Choose Glass Partitions?”

There are several benefits that glass partitions offer where others fall short.

Energy Saving Benefits

With an increased level of natural light, there is a decreased need for artificial lighting, leading to both cost and environmental savings.

Health Benefits

Not only does daylight within an office provide energy saving benefits and a reduced electricity bill, but it comes with specific benefits for staff too. Exposure to natural light can help improve the mood of an individual, whilst aligning their circadian rhythm and supporting the balance of alertness during the day and quality slow-wave sleep (the deepest level of sleep) at night. In turn, this can result in a heightened level of staff productivity and a greater return on investment.

Cost Effectiveness

Within the UK, glass partitioning is a heavily saturated market, meaning a higher level of competition. Fortunately for you, this means prices are often driven down, so it becomes a more affordable investment for you whilst maintaining the high level of performance that you require. They’re also fire rated!

“Do Glass Partitions Influence Acoustic Performance?”

 Regardless of whether you opt for single glazed or double-glazed partitioning, if it is noise reduction you’re looking for, we can help too! Our glass partitions offer up to 30db – 50db acoustic reduction depending on the system. For as much noise reduction as possible, we recommend our frameless glass partitioning system, as the glass is much thicker.

“What About Installation?”

In comparison to erecting a solid wall, the installation process of partitioning is quick and easy, so there is little disruption to everyday activities or downtime for your business.

“What if I need to Redesign Again?”

Unlike solid walls, glass partitioning systems offer the flexibility to redesign your office and again and again, perfect if you’re running a rapidly expanding business!

Furthermore, there is no need to re-paint or re-plaster any walls if they were to get dirty or scratched. Glass partitions can be wiped clean and any scratches can usually be eradicated with glass polish. If there is any serious damage to a panel, it can be deglazed and replaced.

If you have any questions that we haven’t answered, please feel free to contact us at any time on 01444 22 05 25 and a member of our team will be happy to help. Alternatively, you can email sales@sussexandsurreypartitioning.co.uk